Who Am I… and other thoughts

The question “who do men say that I am?” attributed to the character Jesus Christ is the Bible, is an enquiry made of humanity about humanity. As Neville explains, the words ‘I am’ when used by any of us can never refer to anyone but ourselves. It is the most important question we can ask of ourselves because the answer determines our lived experiences now and in future. As I frequently tell people who talk to me about relationship or societal frustrations, the concept we hold of ourselves determines how we are both seen and received. Trying to change another person’s behaviour is an exercise in futility and wishing for a change in others is just as wasteful. If there is something you don’t like in your life or dislike about the way you are treated, examine your self concept. Don’t blame yourself for things not being as you want them to be, simply adjust who you say that you are and begin to enjoy a life in alignment with your ideal.

On finding the hidden treasure within…

Greetings beings of beauty and light, I hope that Sunday is treating you well. Just a note to say thanks for your patience while I work away at replying to messages, a surprising number this week., and in the meantime just had to share this gem from the great man himself…‘When a sculptor looks at a formless piece of marble they see, buried within its formless mass, their finished piece of art. The sculptor instead of making their masterpiece, merely reveals it by removing that part of the marble which hides the conception. The same applies to you. In your formless awareness, lies buried all that you will ever conceive yourself to be. The recognition of this truth will transform you from an unskilled labourer who tries to make it so, to a great artist who recognises it to be so’. Neville Goddard — Your Faith is Your Fortune. Photo: the inimitable Augusta Savage born. Fells (b.1892, Florida, USA)

On a particular metaphysical perspective…

Salutations tremendous, outstanding one and glorious all…There are so many concepts that in a metaphysical context get flipped. Take for instance the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”, metaphysically this is reversed if we want undesirable conditions to disappear. Why? Because as long as something has our attention, it is going to stick around. This is true of the things that we elect to ignore or attempt to live without or to do away with. The premise here is that one doesn’t ignore things that don’t exist, rather, one lives obliviously relative to them. And so, if there seems to be some thing, some condition, or circumstance that you can’t quite escape or that just won’t go away , don’t try to remedy it, starve it of attention and in time it will of its own volition fade away, taking all of its effects with it,. You’re left unscathed and free to occupy yourself with the things you want instead. Today’s challenge, make room for the greater. Post inspired by a recent question.

On wishful thinking versus manifesting…

If you’re hoping to get some manifesting done this weekend there are a few things to ask yourself and to look out for: 1. Ask, do I absolutely believe that with God all things are possible? (You can use another word for God if you prefer — it must be the thing that you say is the source of all that exists)
2. Ask, do I absolutely believe that I and God are fundamentally, substantively ONE? (As above, use the word you want. I always use God)
3. Check how you feel relative to possession of the object of your desire specifically; excitedly expectant, quietly confident, absolutely persuaded (sensation will register above diaphragm)… Or, anxious, irritable, annoyed (sensation will register below diaphragm). You’re aiming for a spontaneous response above the diaphragm. If you do not believe in the possibility of what you desire, manifestation becomes an exercise in wishful thinking. But don’t worry if you don’t feel this yet, simply play with the concept by repeating to yourself -feelingly “all things are possible” or some similar phrase.
A desire is an awareness that you have received something and seeing it real requires your consent. This is given as you say “yes, this is possible” which ostensibly is the reduction (and ultimately the elimination) of doubt.

Have fun… Kate



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Katherine Jegede

Katherine Jegede

Author, Broadcaster, Metaphysician, all round good egg.