How to use the ideas of Neville Goddard even in a pandemic…

I am so passionate about what I do because I know that the ideas embedded in this powerful philosophy are true and I cannot hold back any information that I feel would make life more incredible, wonderful, fulfilling, and meaningful for all of us.

You may be wondering how Neville’s teachings change our lives, well, in as concise a characterization as I can manage it’s this. Neville proposes that our human imagination is more than just an aspect of the human mind but is instead limitless, creative potential (The Creator). He goes on to say that when used by us, our imagination is acting as God. In essence, the human imagination is God because it is in sum and substance, the creator. At the point of this discovery, when we start to act as God by using our imagination purposefully and consciously, our lives instantly and dramatically change.

If you find this challenging that is quite alright, you’re not being asked to accept this theory as true but you are being invited to put this theory to the test. You can do this by using any of a wide range of techniques — a considerable part of what I teach.

As I mentioned above, Neville’s teachings can be applied to any situation. He guarantees that through the conscious use of imagination our greatest challenges — which are really only teaching us how to use our skills — will be resolved in ways that make our lives better.

Without going into the teachings themselves I am hoping to stir you up a little so that you’ll want to know more — your intention will make your experiment more tangible and will hasten results.

Excerpt of Author and Occult Historian Mitch Horowitz’ Foreword to Infinite Possibility by Katherine Jegede

If you could “imagine” that the challenge you are facing in this moment, that appears to have no physical solution could be disposed of without you needing to take any outward action to dispose of it or without you needing to get help from any other person, would you? Now, this is more, much more than just thinking that everything is going to be ok, you are going to have to learn to overcome your doubts and to become fully persuaded that your situation is exactly as you want it to be. Thankfully there is a way to do this and once you get the ball rolling it’s like learning to ride a bicycle, to swim, or to drive a car, you’ll NEVER forget how! The process, which involves using your physical body as apparatus is an absolute delight to learn and the technique is completely possible to master (and made easier) if you approach it in an attitude of happy expectation.

Let’s consider the Covid19 pandemic and its fallout, aside from health concerns there are likely to be significant economic issues faced by millions of people for many months to come. The situation on its face looks grim but when viewed through the eyes of a student of Neville Goddard’s teachings, the Covid19 pandemic is the perfect opportunity for one to flex the metaphysical muscle. You can become confident in your ability to sustain good health throughout this crisis, you could even reverse critical prognoses. Or if your challenge is a financial one, you can, despite all appearances find yourself buoyant and fully able to take of your responsibilities. There is no limit to imagination. In imagination all things are possible because imagination is the source of everything that exists.

To illustrate the point, today (March 26th 2020) I was thinking about how to deal with two large bills in the most economically friendly way, I deferred to my imagination and reached the point of persuasion that the situation was resolved to the mutual benefit of all concerned and left the situation alone. I didn’t ask anyone for help I simply used my imagination and waited. Then, I awoke from a nap with a firm but pleasant impulse to telephone the companies I was due to pay. I made no suggestion about what they should do and from one was offered a payment holiday with zero percent interest while the other company wrote off the bill entirely.

How this all happened I do not know and I don’t want to know. I didn’t ask for things to be resolved in this way I simply rested my mind in the knowledge that my use of imagination would do what was best for me. I didn’t imagine anything specific like a windfall, which would have distracted me and prevented me from reaching the point of persuasion, instead I imagined myself relaxing, watching TV, and feeling great about my finances.

And you can do this too. You’re free to imagine whatever you wish, your desires (as you’ll come to discover) are actually an awareness of what you already have but which are awaiting expression through you. Your desires function to move you forward in an upward trajectory through life as you learn to bring them to fruition.

Having read this blog, are you interested in using the time we have been given through a circumstance seemingly beyond our control to discover your true capabilities? I certainly hope so. You can start — if you are a complete beginner — by noticing how your emotions correlate to your experiences. What happens when you’re happy and what happens when you’re sad? Test this relationship by cultivating a specific mood, make some record of how things change. Before you sleep alter your mood sleep happy and notice how the following day plays out, then do nothing before you sleep another night and notice what happens. You can take any circumstance and engage in imaginative play, imagine the circumstance changing in some way but don’t try to influence that change outwardly. Perhaps someone who is being implacable about a decision suddenly changes their mind. Seek only the good of everyone which is the only way to protect yourself from harm, and when the circumstance alters accept that you were the power that made the change happen.

These are things that you can do without making any adjustments. They are small but highly significant indicators that there is a power inside of you awaiting exploration, awaiting use.

Once you do this you can look into specific techniques that make it easier for you to replicate results and to act in greater and more ambitious ways for wider purposes.

If you could without investing money, changing your diet, giving up you what you enjoy, or relinquishing your identity, become an exceptional version of yourself by taking the leap and activating the gift you were born with — would you?

I’ll take that as a yes.

Get ready to soar… Kate xx

For an introduction to the methods I teach please read my course CONFIDENT also available on Medium.

Author, Broadcaster, Humanitarian, Metaphysician, all round good egg.

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