Walk away from what you presently are… into something far greater.

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One of the most difficult things for me to master during the course of my metaphysical journey, was the ability to walk away from one state of consciousness and to step into another. That’s to say to set aside the things that were taking me nowhere, and to take hold of those things that gave my life purpose and direction.

It took me a lot of trial and error before I came to fully understand that this is what Neville Goddard meant when he spoke about our ability to change our circumstances. The great man said that emotional (psychological) states of consciousness are permanent — those of you familiar with Neville’s teachings will be familiar with these concepts — and that it is we who change. How? By moving in consciousness through (the process of ‘imagining’ with/experiencing through) feeling, from one psychological location to another. What this means is that your collective subjectivities undergo a radical transformation such that what you once considered impossible for you, you know fully believe to be possible. If we were able to do this, then, we would in short order see a change in our physical reality that confirmed the shift.

In discussing these ideas today, I was inspired with the following analogy.

Imagine if you will, a typical busy evening at home perhaps after a long days’ work. You’re relaxed in a comfy chair, doing some online retail or reading the paper, the TV may be on, you may hear the voices of your children, someone may be cooking, and you might hear the whirr of the washing machine in the background. See it? Good. Now, imagine getting up out of that chair and walking out of your home (unconcerned about any of the aforementioned activities going on in it). You’re simply leaving it all behind and walking away.

You eventually arrive at another house and you walk in. Everything around you is completely new and a whole other set of activities are in full sway. But rather than be phased by any of this you seamlessly blend in and act as if the new home, its contents and activities are the most natural thing in the world. And, by some miraculous happening, there your loved ones are, equally at home as though nothing out of the ordinary has taken place. Only, they too are new and a part of the newness around you.

That is exactly how it should be, consciously speaking.

Says Neville, we’re far too concerned with the conditions and circumstances of our present state and engage in the futile business of trying to change them— something we have no ability to do. Instead — he exhorts — we should focus our energy on leaving the present state to take care of itself ,and moving on to where what we most desire has its natural life.

And so, beloved ones do not be afraid. Leave your present world to take care of itself, set aside any psychological condition that does not please you, and any emotional registry that does not conform to your highest ideal. Then, begin at once to imagine yourself as someone who is in all aspects far greater than you ever thought you could be.

Yours in friendship… Kate xx

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