Thank God, for Jordan Peterson

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I’ve wanted to say something about Jordan Peterson for a long time, I’ve just never had the words until this moment, and even now, I feel that what I want to say hasn’t reached full maturity, but I am writing this anyway in response to a growing impulse that a) I cannot quite explain and, b) I cannot quite escape. Perhaps I’ll revisit this in the future or write something new.

I don’t remember when I first heard of Jordan Peterson, but I do remember deciding most determinedly that I feared and disliked him which makes me wince to think about, and also makes me question my susceptibility to unhelpful and perfidious suggestions. I say this because, if you have ever heard the man speak, you’d know at once that you were listening to one of the most amiable, compassionate, exciting, inquisitive, knowledgeable, perceptive, rational, reasonable, and sincere human beings you’d likely ever encounter in this dispensation of life. And, I really could go on with the list of adjectives.

I perfectly comprehend why the mainstream ‘forces’ (for which read anything that the word ‘forces’ means to you) demand that we look away from things that inspire inquiry. It is because such things might lead to actual, personal liberation and that wouldn’t be good for the consensus. After all, how on earth would the (Western and by extension the entire) world function if individuals began to value and to co-operate with each other, if divisions ended, if people gained confidence in their own ideas, and real-ized their innate capabilities to amuse and care for themselves? If there were positive, wholesale rejections of corruption, materialism, consumerism, and numbness, where would that leave us?

Jordan Peterson, who might conceivably trigger a thought revolution has, in my view, been smeared because he inspires inquiry. He is the perfect balance of erudite and empyreal and he speaks in terms that everyone can understand and in ways that every reasonable person wants to listen to contemplatively. He sticks with you on an experiential level, long after you may have forgotten what he has actually said.

When Africa Brooke described her experiences in A Change of Heart Towards Jordan | Africa Brooke | Mikhaila Peterson Podcast | #120 — YouTube I found it deeply impactful because I totally understood her sentiments. I don’t share Africa’s background or path in life, but I know what its like to discover just how much you’ve missed out on by being completely wrong about something.

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I always feel great excitement about the potential for change in my own life in the lives of others, in the world, and like Africa Brooke, I see Jordan Peterson as one of the greatest agents of change alive in the world today (my words not Africa’s). This man is the voice of personal accountability, and of mutually propitious interconnectivity and if he does nothing else, he will definitely make you THINK!

The circumstances and the conditions of every individual human life no matter how it plays out are born of the ideas that give context to that life, that are founded on a bedrock of core beliefs. Jordan Peterson invites and facilitates the formation of new beliefs, (which inevitably shape new ideas), and that is what makes him so portentous. As he says “God only knows what you’d be if you truly believed” and goes on to say in the same video (linked earlier) that “if you were capable of believing it would be a transfiguring event, a truly transfiguring event”. These words have seismic potential and if you don’t understand them make no mistake that there are others who do, many of whom are the arbiters and progenitors of narratives that directly contravene Jordan’s position.

This is not conspiracy theory in any sense, I am referring to the heads of corporations, the intelligentsia, politicians and the like , all of whom are heavily reliant upon our full co-operation. But people are restless, the populace is well and truly discontented and our loftiest are on high alert for anything going against the grain (censorship anyone?).

Perhaps Jordan Peterson had no idea that he stuck out like a sore thumb because of his stance on what appears to be too close to self-determination for comfort, but somehow the message got out that Jordan Peterson was a bad man and that everybody should ignore him. And yet, it is not just what he says that makes him such an irritant, its that his approach is both highly plausible and universally achievable. What he suggests costs nothing (materially speaking), and yet pays unimaginable dividends. Jordan Peterson has simply laid out an entreaty to mental acquisitiveness.

Experience has taught me the power of curiosity which is perhaps why I like (LIKE!!!!!) Jordan Peterson so much. He inspires investigation and stimulates phrenic acuity. People like Jordan Peterson lead by example and offer a route out of despondency. People like Jordan Peterson demonstrate how one might start living in place of existing. People like Jordan Peterson help one to recognize commonalities between themselves and others and to reach compassion. They advocate for the shedding of self-loathing and the grasping of the concept of love in tangibly practical terms. People like Jordan Peterson help one to begin to become whole and to eventually effectuate resolution.

It may surprise you to learn, having read all of this, that I have never met Jordan Peterson and maybe I never will. And so if you are at all skeptical about why it is I am able to present such a glowing depiction, think for a moment (if you will) about someone you either like or dislike very much whom you have also never met, and to the degree that you are certain about your feelings towards that person, I would expect you, to the same degree, to be certain about what I have said in this post.

All that remains is for me to thank you for taking the time to read these words and for me, from the bottom of my heart to say,

God, for Jordan Peterson, THANK YOU!

Stay phenomenally you… xx



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