So How Exactly Did I Clear up my Acne using the Power of “Positive” Thought?

It was a tube of metronidazole cream that tipped the scale for me, seeking medical help felt like a defeat, a confirmation of the fact that I was unable to resolve by myself the acne rosacea that had blighted my skin for over a year — this despite being a proponent of the philosophy that gave me the ability to do so. Thankfully all turned out well. I regained my perspective and my composure and put the power of positive thought to the ultimate test. I achieved my objective without turning to anyone for help and restored my faith in the power to create the reality I wanted. And this power is one we ALL possess!
The ability to make our thoughts outwardly real is explained to us through an esoteric philosophy, characterized in many different ways but which I’ll call for the purpose of this blog, the Law of Assumption. This is a term coined by the English-Barbadian mystic Neville Goddard who brought the concept to public notice with an entirely unique and effective method for its application. It is a set of highly practical esoteric principles that enable us to manipulate, direct, and shape the physicalistic through emotive, focused thought. Not only thought, but thought infused with the energy of a specific emotional registry evoked for specific purposes.
This kind of thing might be new to you, but I’d wager you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, a concept popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book The Secret. The Law of Assumption is believed to be similar to the Law of Attraction but it differs in important ways. Where the Law of Attraction refers to bringing to oneself desirable conditions by thinking about them intently, the Law of Assumption goes beyond this to include transforming situations that are already established or making your desires real by assuming a state of consciousness that confirms that what you think with feeling is already true. I write about and teach this subject so I won’t go into much detail here, but you might want to read my course CONFIDENT (a three-part series also posted on Medium), which gives greater insight and an opportunity for you to test the ideas I propose for yourselves.

Back to my skin and the metronidazole… when I went to the doctor, I was in a fairly depressive state. I was working as a professional model at the time and was obsessive about my skin which had been getting steadily worse for months. I would check my face in the mirror daily, twisting this way and that trying to play with the light, trying to make the blemishes not look too bad, unconscious to the fact that I was feeding the undesirable condition with attention and feelings of fear, hurt, and shame. The point I’m trying to make here is that giving in to these emotions, letting them run free, allowing them to take over my mood and to preoccupy my mind was sending a powerful message. I had assumed or taken on the emotional reality of bad acne and triggered corresponding changes in my skin. In other words, what I thought about emotively, constantly, and persuasively, became my reality.
When the doctor handed me the prescription he shrugged and said “this might work … and there’s always medication or I can refer you to an endocrinologist, let me know”. For me might work wasn’t an option. I was practically a shut in and I needed results. I got the prescription filled and started using the gel as soon as I got home. I’d ask family on every available occasion to tell me that they could see a difference. I’d wake up in the morning and see smooth patches of skin and literally start dancing, but noticed that after an hour or so the bumps would return and I’d be back to square one.

Then one day when I came home from a follow up appointment to discuss other options since the metronidazole hadn’t worked, I sat in my living room with the twisted and crumpled, almost empty tube of gel in my hands and tears running down my pimpled face. My mother came and sat beside me and took my hand. She looked into my eyes and said “I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to talk to you, do you know that you’re the one causing the acne?” I remonstrated with her but she went on, “your emotions are keeping the condition alive, the day you let it go, the acne goes.” That’s not all she said but it was for me the most vital commentary.

I began at once to think about the ways in which I was keeping the condition alive. I had pinned my hopes on my medicated gel and it failed me and here was an opportunity for me to prove the truth of the philosophy I lived by. I started by stopping the daily skin inspections, I remembered that every time I looked in the mirror and saw my face I’d feel a strong reflexive twinge in my lower abdomen, a gut feeling that saddened me and told me that things were bad. It took a couple of weeks of trying to break the habit before I decided to not resist looking in the mirror but to change what I saw when I did so.
When I looked into the mirror I didn’t look at my face but rather into my eyes and smiled, I told myself that I was looking at a person with completely flawless skin, I did this religiously until I had let go of all negative thinking concerning my skin. The process was thoroughly enjoyable. Every time I said something positive about my skin like “your face is so crazily smooth” or “your complexion is s even it looks airbrushed”, I felt it register above my diaphragm, in my heart space and at the back of my throat (you know that little tickle you get when you’re super excited about something?). Giving all of my energy to this new concept of myself meant that it wasn’t long before I began to believe in this new reality. (In my book Infinite Possibility the chapter Magic Mirror describes the process in greater detail, it is also one of my favorite techniques and is absolutely perfect for beginners).

In a short time (within a few weeks) without any medication my face was completely flawless, so much so that I didn’t need makeup. People could scarcely believe the transformation, some were convinced that I’d had work done or had taken other treatment. I did ask my doctor whether the gel could have had some delayed effect and he assured me that it could and would not have produced the results he saw. He was so amazed he wanted to write a piece about stress related ailments using me as an example — I’m not sure if he ever did write the article. Regardless, the point here is that a change in what I thought with feeling altered my reality.

Now, I don’t mean to put a dampener on things but I feel it is very important for me to mention that our emotions and their correlated thoughts don’t die, they’re simply starved of attention to such extent that they’re unable to exert any effect. Give them the attention they need and the conditions you thought yourself rid of will burst into life… so be conscious of this and strive to keep alive in your world only those things that you WANT to experience. It’s vastly more pleasurable, rewarding, and empowering, and becomes effortless when happy and positive thoughts are your default. Then, you’re existing in the state you want rather than actively investing in it. Hopefully you believe or are willing to believe that there is a link our emotions and our physical realities. If not I hope that you are at the very least tempted to test whether this is true for yourself. You can do this by giving careful thought to something in your life that you’d like to change. You might want to make notes, be as detailed as possible the objective here is to check in on how you feel about the unhappy circumstance. Then, set about thinking and feeling differently as intensely as you can. Keep this up for about one week and then notice how the situation or condition has altered. You don’t need to tell anyone what you’re doing in fact its better if you don’t. You’ll avoid planting any seeds of doubt if you keep your project private, and as I mentioned previously, check out my course CONFIDENT for tips, methods, and techniques to get the ball rolling!

In conclusion (I don’t think I’ve used that as an opener since high school!), I hope you have enjoyed the story of how I rid myself of the debilitating acne that had shut me down for over a year. It is my hope that sharing this experience with you is enough for you to want to check in on abilities that you have but which you might never have used before. I certainly hope so.

I’d like to add that I never try to explain the way in which an emotional state results in objectified reality. I am not aware of anyone who does explain this process. As a student of the mystic Neville Goddard, I agree that the process is not revealed to us in our human state, we are not given information that we could potentially subvert and that makes perfect sense to me. If it were known how this process works, those with the propensity to oppress and the power to do so would doubtlessly abuse such knowledge. In my experience total disinterestedness in the process makes it easier to get results. What makes things tricky is the urge to know, which can act as a powerful stumbling block. Anything that takes our attention away from the feeling of absolute certainty is potentially enough to cause failure. Learning to believe that what we think with feeling to the point of absolute persuasion becomes physically real is a challenging one. It requires courage but the beautiful thing is, you learn to believe this as you test the theory and see results. In this way you’re not being asked to take anything at face value, you’re not being asked to subscribe to any system, to pay any tribute, or even to give up what you currently cherish. You ARE being asked to try it and see.

Get ready to soar!

Author, Broadcaster, Humanitarian, Metaphysician, all round good egg.