Find Your Beach

In the words of the Corona beer makers, “find your beach”. Whether you work a traditional Monday-Friday 9–5 or something else, determine to devote some time to self-care.

What this looks like for you can be very exciting to discover and will ideally help you blow off steam AND to feel really penetratingly well. Feeling good about yourself is surprisingly easy to achieve no matter your present packaging, just find a quiet private spot to talk yourself up and it doesn’t take long either. If you have 30 seconds you can do it. The shower is a great place, or when you’re about to go to sleep. You could engage in re-affirming self-talk as you walk to the store or while you’re watching television.

Experiment with phrases that inspire and excite you, phrases that are specific to you and which you are able to believe. Above all the phrases MUST arouse you in order for their impact to take effect. Remember this is not about transforming your character this about making you feel good about yourself which has in its gift a raft of beneficial effects.

Have the best time ever… Kate



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