Dear God, about this Covid19 pandemic…

On a balcony in Lagos on lockdown miles from home, “time to think”

Of all responses to the ongoing Covid19 crisis, those of the religious and broader spiritual communities have interested me the most. None of the faith-based commentators I have heard so far (admittedly not many) seem to suggest that the higher power they believe in is capable of ridding the world of the new and devastating Covid19 pandemic, and I find that fascinating.

iven claims made about the unlimited power of God and those similarly made about Consciousness, how can the current situation be permitted to rage on? This is the question I asked myself this morning as I sat down to write this piece and for answers I have turned to the highly practical esoteric philosophy popularized by the Euro-Barbadian mystic Neville Goddard (1905–1972).

The first thing I wanted to better understand was what — in a metaphysical context — the Covid19 pandemic actually was. If I knew that, then I would be able to find a solution to my experience of it and hopefully learn my role — if any — in bringing this sadness to an end. You see, I am a person of faith, and I firmly believe the aforementioned claims about the capabilities of the divinity. There is no question in my mind that God exists and that as the ultimate power, as the supreme being, God is more than able to nix our global suffering and make the world even better than it was before this horror show started. So, why haven’t either of those things happened yet?

I believe in God but I am not religious, instead I live by a concept I call absolute causation, which is based on my intimate knowledge of the foundational nature of everything that exists from the largest, to the infinitesimally smallest objective realities. This nature infuses their function, purpose, and operation. Absolute causation is not my religion it is an awareness of who I substantively am and how I connect with everything and everyone else. God is the foundation and substance of absolute causation and exists as all physicality including humanity in the form of the human imagination. Without going into too much detail -so that the message of the piece is not lost — the human imagination is not a function of human psychology nor a function of the human mind, it is the source of everything. So now that you know a little of where I am coming from, this is what I know to be true of the Covid19 pandemic and how we overcome it.

One of the fundamental tenets of the absolute causation philosophy is that discovery of the human imagination as the source of all things, is made through contact with situations that present us with learning. The Covid19 pandemic is no different and teaches us many things; among them, what we believe to be true about our health and threats to it, our understanding of medicine and science, our faith in the economy, our relationship to the political leaders we have handed the control of our lives over to, what our social status is worth, what our freedom and autonomy mean, the truth about our importance, the significance of our race, our gender, our age, and so on.

In other words when thrown into a maelstrom of uncertainty and faced with the limitation of resources we would ordinarily rely on, we must turn to imagination for the solution or face the consequences of helplessness. Don’t believe me? Then consider the fact that no one appears to have been spared. We hear daily about high profile figures facing the same affliction as people whose names are unknown to us and we’ll all likely bear the brunt of the financial fallout. And so if wealth, fame, career, qualification, position of power can’t save you, then what can? Answer, the creator, your own wonderful human imagination itself. And as my mum so often reminds me this goes for absolutely everyone, whether rich or poor, black or white, sheltered or homeless, bond or free.

The Covid19 pandemic is not global trauma it is global training and this is something that you can accept as an individual even if nobody else seems to want to. The world is a schoolroom, and in every dispensation/cycle of life, we encounter different challenges which each require a unique operation of our human imagination. Our job is to identify a problem as it pertains to us and to resolve that problem through the conscious use of our infinite creative potential. We don’t know how or where the solution comes from we only know that — if we are successful — we have been able to make a way out of seemingly no way and having done that we have revealed a little more of the power and purpose of the creator. To further explain, take for example my being unable to pay a tax bill that threatened to completely derail my finances (possibly permanently). I imagined the situation was resolved, I reached the point of being fully persuaded that my imaginal activity was real and out of the blue I received a phone call from an employee of the tax office to tell me that he had decided to forgive the debt. This is someone I did not know, had not reached out to, and did not expect to hear from.

Don’t get me wrong there is more to the process of using our imagination purposefully, there is a little groundwork to cover and I don’t do that here, my purpose is to introduce you to these ideas to stir you up and to get you thinking about the Covid19 pandemic in ways you possibly hadn’t considered before. If I am able to do that I have achieved my aim, and if you want to know more about what I teach you can read my other posts here on Medium or reach out to me directly via Facebook (until my website goes live).

Neville Goddard speaks with eloquence about how we as human beings find ourselves hypnotized by the form and type of the challenge, completely missing the lesson it was sent to teach us. In this case, the very many scientific explanations, theories, infection rate reports, death tolls, and gloomy economic predictions are enough to fully occupy the mind meaning that it is entirely possible that we miss what Covid19 has been sent to teach us and in so doing miss the opportunity to discover more of our creative ability.

So, how exactly do we turn the tide on this wave of death and destruction?

Firstly you need to accept that what we call the Covid19 pandemic is in fact a divinely appointed circumstance that has something to teach you as an individual, despite its global effect and the variant ways in which it is being experienced.

Secondly, you need to identify the most important ways in which your life has significantly altered,

Thirdly you need to be clear about what you now want relative to those changes and seek to obtain what you want through the conscious use of your imagination.

If you don’t know how to do this or the challenge seems too great, try this.

Fold a blank sheet of paper into two equal halves, the sheet should be large enough for you to write on clearly. On the left hand side write a statement about your life as it presently is under Covid19 e.g. “I am afraid of contracting the coronavirus” and on the right hand side write a statement about what you want instead e.g. “I am in excellent health, I enjoy excellent health every day” the words should feel natural to you as you read them. Notice how you feel when you read the first statement and compare it with the second statement. The words on the right hand side of the page are NOT affirmations they are emotive statements that should register with you as you say them.

When you have completed your list fold the page so that you can no longer see the negative commentary and only the desirable statements. Read through each item slowly, breathing evenly and smiling as you read. Do not worry if you feel uncomfortable at first, you are shifting in consciousness from one state of awareness to another — a state of awareness is the sum total of your emotions relative to a physical object, condition, or circumstance. Do not force yourself to believe that what you have written is true, rather know that you are speaking to your soul and gently infusing it with a new set of beliefs.

Don’t read the list if you feel anxious or irritated, whenever you feel tempted to think about an item from the first list use the loving statement to drown it out. Do this for at least one week and notice how you feel about each item. In a short time you will notice wonderful changes in your physical reality which will take place whether the world has made any significant changes or not. In fact what is happening in the world is not as important as the good you are contributing to it by bringing about these changes within yourself.

You may wish to discard the first list which is quite alright, remember you are aiming to make your response to any happy, uplifting statement your natural, default reaction. As you starve negative limiting beliefs of attention they will soon disappear taking their effects which appeared so permanent and so real with them.

We are all going to learn from this moment, but what happens to you during this period will ultimately be the work of your own hand. Make full use of this opportunity to exercise your imagination, and to learn about who you truly are and the power you possess. In the days and weeks ahead you will be given ample opportunity to craft a life that is more tremendous than you ever thought possible despite the Covid19 pandemic. You don’t need to tell anyone what you are doing, in fact it is advisable that you don’t. Simply walk through the normal course of every day and what you do in secret will in time be revealed and you will emerge as a stronger, more exceptional version of you.

Get ready to soar…

Kate xx

Author, Broadcaster, Humanitarian, Metaphysician, all round good egg.